Knights News · NHS Softball WINS at S Vermillion

Game Recap

The Northview Knights beat conference opponent South Vermillion Wildcats in a score of 7-0. E. McWilliams took the win, throwing a 1-hitter. Defense was stellar behind her making no errors in the field.

Highlights: A. Thompson 3-5 with a double, RBI, stolen base, and 1 run scored; S. Payton 1-2 with a stolen base and 1 run scored; J. Brown 2-4; P. Spears 1-3 with a RBI; E. Jackman with a stolen base and 2 runs scored; K. Johnston with a RBI; M. Hill with 2 runs scored; and C. Salinetro with 1 run scored.

The Knights play conference opponent Greencastle tomorrow at 5:30 PM at home. Join us at the ballpark!!